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3 Common Myths About Singing

A while back I heard someone say the most expensive advice you ever get is free, because it ends up costing you both time and money in the long run. Well, here are a few common misconceptions I find circling around the vocal training field. Hopefully you find them helpful.

Myth 1 – Singing Is All About Breathing Correctly

While breathing properly is an important aspect of singing, healthy singing hinges on significantly more than just the breath. I like explaining it like this… the breath is to the voice what gas is to a car. A car can’t function properly without gas, just as a voice can’t without air. But it takes more than just gas to make a car run… you need an engine, steering wheel, tires, a gas petal, breaks. Without these things, a car would be useless, and without balancing other aspects of your voice, breathing properly will only benefit you so much.

For more guidance on the breath, check out this video.

Myth 2 – Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing is an important part of singing, but practice doesn’t necessarily help a singer get better. You see, the purpose of practicing is to help establish habit in your voice. So I prefer to say it this way – practice makes permanent. If you’re practicing the wrong way, then you’re only reestablishing bad habits.

How can one get past this? I request that my students practice daily for only 15-20 minutes, but when they do, focus doing the things we’ve worked on. Then, you’re regularly utilizing your voice in a way that builds solid habit.

Myth 3 – If You Can Sing Classical, You Can Sing Anything

I’ll never forget the night I went out to sing karaoke with some of my friends in the opera department back in college… and please understand, I’m typically a very encouraging, positive person… but watching my fellow classical singers pick up the mic and try to pull off something you’d hear on top 40s radio was nothing short of brutal.

I remember when I was younger, one of the key selling points for me learning classical technique was, “If you can sing opera, you can sing anything.” And while I don’t necessarily regret my time dabbling in that genre, I can definitely say from my observations that that particular statement proved to be inaccurate.

Here’s a thought …and I know it’s a little out there, but stick with me …If you want to get good at singing a certain style of music, perhaps you should focus on singing THAT style of music. This doesn’t mean that you don’t work on technique, but after your do, apply what you’ve learned from that technique to the genre of singing you love.

Just a thought :-p

Well hey, I know nothing I said here today is rocket science, but I believe taking your voice to the next level involves specifics.

That said, if there’s something specific you’re looking to improve about your voice and you’d like a little guidance, I’d love to help! Feel free to email me at VocalCoachKenTaylor@gmail.com, or call my scheduler at (407)730-2795 and set up a discounted introductory consultation today!

~ Ken

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