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The Secret to Singing High Notes [VIDEO]

We all want it… we’ve all needed it. Expanding your range allows you to do so much more as a singer, but the secret to singing high notes can be elusive.

The most common misconception people have when it comes to singing high notes is that it’s like lifting weights… the more you build those muscles, the higher you can go. But as they continue down that path, singing gets heavier and heavier… harder and harder. So what IS the right path? Check out this video and learn more.

Developing you mix voice is probably the easiest way to sign your ticket to vocal freedom. Believe me, I should know. It over doubled my range. That’s why I’m a huge fan of sharing it with everyone I can.

As I promised in the video, here are a couple of articles about the Mix Voice:
The Mix Voice
Defining Vocal Balance: The Secret to Unlocking Your Voice

Also, as a bonus, here are a couple more articles I’ve written about singing high notes that cover some elements necessary for balancing your mix voice:
How to Sing High Notes
How to Expand Your Range

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