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Singing Lessons Can Cripple Your Voice?!

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Weird title, huh? It’ll all make sense in a minute, I promise :-)

So after working with a handful of new students this last week, I noticed one thing that nearly all of them had in common: their singing voice was very different sounding then their speaking voice.

It was kind of funny, actually. They’d come in talking in a very free and relaxed place, but then when they started singing, it was like all of a sudden they flipped a switch and started using their voice in a completely different way… a way that included much more effort and much less freedom.

After digging a little deeper, I discovered they were only trying to duplicate what they’d learned from others… be it from voice teachers, choir directors, or just free advice they’d picked up along the way (like on the internet, perhaps :p).

I’m sure that the advice they received was well intended, and likely it was helpful to some degree. But we as singers have to be in tune to the fact that vocal technique has one purpose: to help you better and more freely be able to express yourself with your own voice.

Not to make you sound like someone else… not to make sure you can belt out high notes and sound all impressive (at least not necessarily)… but to add to the versatility of your own voice, so that you can do more with it while still remaining authentically you.

Your voice is the tool through which you create your art. YOU are the artist. Your voice is the medium. If you start manipulating things so much that there is no longer freedom in your voice and you don’t even sound like you, then you’re likely trying way too hard.

Your singing voice is an extension of your speaking voice. It shouldn’t feel strange or effortful when you sing… it should feel like speaking (albeit maybe with more energy and purpose).

Improving your vocal technique should help free you up to become more authentically you, not cripple your voice to the extent that you no longer sound like the same person.

So regardless as to where you get your information, be aware of whether or not you’re able to stay true to your voice. If you find that you’ve lost your own sound and you’re trying too hard, here’s a little exercise that’ll help bring you back. Take the highest pitch of the verse you’re singing and speak the verse on that pitch until it feels comfortable again. Then, try to sing it the same way. You’d be amazed how much of a difference this one exercise can make.

I hope this helps. Of course, if you’re looking for voice lessons that won’t cripple you, feel free to give me a buzz at (407)730-2795, or click here to learn more about my voice lessons.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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