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What to Sing for Different Auditions

Hey ya!

We’re coming up on a major audition time, and it seems I always get a lot of questions about what someone should sing, so I wanted to give you guys a few pointers based on what you’re auditioning for.

I’m going to break down today’s article into different types of auditions. I hope this helps!

Show Auditions
If you’re looking to audition for a theatrical type of show, I’d suggest singing a song that’s similar in genre of that show. Some directors don’t mind if you sing something straight out of that particular show, while others may not prefer it (it’s best to figure that out ahead of time). If possible, display the range of the character you’re going after.

Gig Auditions
Know the venue, and what the expectation is. Are you supposed to be background music? Are you supposed to pump people up and bring the party? Consider the difference in expectation in singing at a coffee shop versus a night club… your entire set list changes. So yeah, make sure you’re displaying the right feel when you show off your stuff.

Choir / Ensemble / Praise Team Auditions
One of the key factors in singing in any ensemble is that you have to blend. Some groups use more vibrato, others have more of a contemporary edge and utilize more straight tone… know what type of group you’re auditioning for and choose your song and style accordingly. Be a solid singer, but keep your phrasing and inflection simple… you have to be able to blend with others in order to be an effective part of the group. Also, don’t be afraid to show off your range.

Searching for Management / Industry Backers
If you’re looking to make it in the music field today, you’ve got to have the total package. Marketability, uniqueness of sound, and the right angle are all things that you should be working toward building yourself. Also, keep in mind that different types of companies work with different types of artists. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades… make sure that when you contact a company, you’re in their “niche” in the industry. You wouldn’t contact an opera company if your style is more Panic at the Disco, would you?

I hope all this makes sense and that you found this helpful. Good luck out there!

Happy Singing,

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